Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rule of 5

Some people believe there is a secret combination to publishing success. In this short and sweet blog I want to assure you that success is not a mystical dimension, but simply a measurable destination that all people can reach.

If success was 100 feet away, how long would it take you to reach it? Well, that depends on how many steps you want to take. If you decide to walk 1 foot per day,  it will take you 100 days. The more steps you take the quicker you'll reach success.

Using the Rule of 5, you choose your steps toward progress.  Do a minimum of five maketing activities five days a week. It's that simple:

Send 5 review copies
Send 5 press releases to 5 radio stations, 5 television stations,  5 newspapers, 5 magazines, 5 blogers
Call 5 potential speaking opportunities
Research 5 conferences
Work social media for 5 hours
Find 5 strangers to tell about your book..

If you do the work,  the results will come.

Happy selling!

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