Monday, September 16, 2013

Execution is EVERYTHING!

Execution is everything. Some people feel that you shouldn't do anything if you can't do it right. I don't subscribe to that notion. I believe 99% of success is found in completing the task. It may not be perfect, but when you perform the task you will learn as you go.
When you call your first radio station and ask the receptionist, "who should I speak to about being interviewed on one of your talk radio shows," he/she will tell you, "Oh, let me patch you over to our program manager." At that moment, you have learned the contact person for all radio stations. Now you know who to seek out, email, or call.
Don't procrastinate for fear of not doing things right or perfect. Don't overwhelm your mind with the idea that you have to be able to know the jargon and sound like an expert. Be okay with the vulnerability of asking for direction. In most cases, those who know will be happy to redirect you if you're headed in the wrong direction. That is why they are working.

10 Tips to executing a successful plan of Action:
Tip # 1: Be specific about your plans and once developed don't entertain plan B.
Tip # 2: Set realistic goals while still pushing your boundaries and comfort zones.
Tip # 3: Write down your goals and Tape them to a door, wall, or mirror that you will see every day.
Tip# 4: Verbally repeat your goals daily as a prayer or affirmation.
Tip # 5: Surround yourself with individuals who are likeminded and with resources that lead to your goal.
Tip # 6: Spend at least 30 minutes per day quietly molding your goals in your mind.
Tip #7: Don't procrastinate on any sound idea.
Tip #8: Take at least 1 step per day toward the attainment of your goal, no matter how small.
Tip #9: Don't waste time.
Tip # 10: Never give up.

Happy Selling!
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