Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4 Myths of Becoming an Author

MYTH #1: My book is sooo good, it's going to be a best-seller!
TRUTH: The best book in the world will sit unnoticed for all eternity unless the AUTHOR gets out and makes a name for it through tireless effort. Best-sellers have nothing to do with content, rather, it has all to do with marketing. If the book is not properly marketed which takes MONEY, TIME, TRAVEL, ENERGY, STUDY, AND MORE MONEY, it will not be a best seller.
MYTH #2: My publishing company will make my book a success!
TRUTH: Publishing companies no longer invest bundles of money in authors. It is the author's responsibility to promote the book. The days of publishing companies producing a book and paying to send authors on national book signing tours are long gone. Now, publishers require a marketing plan from the author and wants the author to have a platform with thousands of followers. The publisher wants to know how YOU plan to sell your book.
MYTH #3: My books will sell if they are in a book store!
TRUTH: The fact is bookstores do not promote books. Your marketing space in a bookstore is a quarter inch. Take a look at the background of this blog. Which book spine sticks out the most to you? Neither, they're all a mesh of colors. That's the marketing strength the bookstore will offer your book. Remember this: Dave Ramsey sold the first 300,000 copies of his book out of his trunk. His books sell millions, but while he was building his name, he was the only seller of his books. Retain full control of your inventory as long as you can efficiently supply the demand for that book.
MYTH #4: I don't have to be a public speaker to have a best-selling book.
TRUTH: If you don't want to be a public speaker, then don't consider writing books for financial gain. Feel free to write books for your family and close friends. But even then, they will ask you about why you wrote your book. You must be ready to inspire, instruct, or entertain people through public speaking.

Happy Selling!

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