Monday, September 16, 2013

6 Steps Before You Write Your Book

If you're a beginner at book writing, this blog is for you. Don't write another word until you:

1. Study the industry: I'm not asking you to become a scholar on publishing, but at least learn the basics, the pricing, the best and worst publishers, and in particular, the publishers who publish your genre.

2. Learn your Market and be an authority in it: Who are the players in your market? Who are the consumers in your market? What do your consumers need? Find out!

3. Create your plan: no one can stop a man with a plan because no one has a plan to stop him. Plan how you are going to sell your book, where you will go for the entire year.

4. Build your team: No man is an island to himself. Your team should consist of a coach, your publisher, an assistant, financial consultant, and legal aid

5. Create your budget: I can always tell which authors will not succeed when they have no financial commitment to their project, and even worse are looking for ways to get everything for free. No company grows without financial investment.

6 Realize you are fully responsible for your success: This is YOUR baby. You are responsible for its growth. No one will push your book like you.

Happy selling!

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