Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Sell Books Before They Exist!

Ok, I love telling this tip! So many people want to write a book but don't know how they will finance it. Let me tell you how I made $3,000 selling books that didn't exist.

In 2008, I had a master plan to publish my second book Fall In Love with the Struggle and to have a grand book release party. I didn't have a dime to my name for this extra project, but I paid 100% debt free for the production of the book and the release party before I had printed one book. I did it and you can too by:
  1. Announcing a book release party of your up and coming book.
    • I set a 3-month period to succeed.
  2. Set a party budget.
    • Remember that you're not Stephen King. Don't try to have a $10,000 party. Because you are also financing the production of your book with your sales, you need to keep in mind that you'll be splitting your proceeds. Also, in a 3 month period, you'll probably sell between 200-300 copies.
  3. Procure a venue for your release party.
    • If you have an artsy coffee house in your area that would appreciate a full house, you'll probably get your location for free. An expensive venue is not an indication of a good book.
  4. Design and print tickets to your book release party.
    • People love to party and people love to support friends and family. So, if you ask people to pre-order your book and offer them a party, they will respond. However, they will need a proof of purchase. Although you may not have a book, people will happily purchase a ticket that promises they will receive your book, even if that party is 90 days away.
  5. Sell your tickets.
    • By offering entrance to a party with book, you can easily charge $20- $30 for tickets. Purchase offers pre-ordered copy of the book, entrance into the party which will include entertainment and food.
    • Create a list of at least 150 people who will purchase a ticket and pursue them aggressively. I used Facebook, cold calling, to send mass calls, and face-to-face direct sales to garner $3,000 before the event. I sold nearly $1,000 at the door.  
If you sell 200 tickets, you can make up to $6,000; more than enough to finance the production of your book, the costs of the party, and leave with profit.

Viola! You've financed your book with no money of your own.

Happy Selling!

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