Thursday, October 17, 2013

Recommit Daily

My mentor Uchendi "The Millionaire Ex Convict" Nwani ( sends out a daily blog to his mastermind group with tips of success. I got a chance to catch up on my reading and read his blog entitled "5 Things Successful People Do". I found a profound tip. It was so profound in fact, I stopped reading and began meditating immediately on the ideal.

"Successful people Recommit daily". Wow!

We all know we need to commit to something. But this takes it to another level. We don't just need to commit. We need to recommit, daily. Think about that great excitement you get when you get a fresh idea. Recollect the moment you decided that you would go all in to achieve this goal.

Within this concept of recommitting daily, we find an approach of waking up everyday and charging yourself up with that same excitement, that same determination as if it is the first time you had the idea. What tends to happen is that we get overwhelmed by the amount of time, energy, rejections, roadblocks we have encountered.

But in recommitting everyday, we basically forget about all the work you put forth yesterday. That work was not in vain, as it laid the foundation for the work you will perform today. It has pushed you that much closer, thus the rejections of yesterday freed up time you won't have to spend calling today.

Don't focus on what happened yesterday. Let yesterday's work be the stepping stone for todays work and recommit to your project as though every day is the first day!

Happy selling!

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