Monday, October 14, 2013


Believe it or not, I don't have anything specific to discuss today. I didn't get any questions that needed to be addressed, no surges of inspiration, but one thing I do have is vision and passion to provide helpful tips to aspiring writers Monday-Friday of every week to the best of my ability.

You have a passion too. Your desire to write a book is fuelled by a passion either to inform, inspire, challenge, or entertain.But dont confuse passion with inspiration. Sometimes your inspiration gets low. When your inspiration is low, it is then that you must tap into your passion and PUSH.. Press until something happens.

Some people wait until they have inspiration to write. However, inspiration is more like a well than a water fall. You have to dig deep to access it's wealth. Sometimes, if you dig deep enough, you'll get a flowing water fall. Sometimes you'll get just enough to get you through the day. Your only goal is to get through the day. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

Press for 250 words, press for 500 words. Press Until Something Happens.

Happy writing! www.

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