Wednesday, October 9, 2013


There is one distinguishing component to the 5% of authors who create a lasting brand and the 95% who write books that go no further than the computer they typed it on: Commitment.

It is imperative that you commit to becoming the most knowledgeable and even the most excited person in the world on your topic.

I have had so many aspiring writers who want to write a book about their "life story." "I have an amazing story" they say. However, there's more to a book than just a set of events. If you've been in an abusive relationship, you're not the only one. Your story about a slap in the face is no different than another person's slap. What distinguishes you is your commitment to the study of the phenomena, your commitment to teaching the world about this problem, your commitment to creating other products that expose the problem.

Maybe you write fiction or poetry. It makes no difference. As an author, my good friend Eric Wilson commits like no other person I've seen to his study and research. There's no question as to why he has become a New York Times Bestseller. When you read his novels, you not only get a compelling story, but you learn actual history and geography. As well, he is committed 100% to helping others learn the business through his website's advice page:, and committed to his craft in good times and bad. He is truly an inspiration.

Poets, are you committed to your purpose of writing poetry? Is your goal to inspire? Motivate? challenge? Whatever the case may be, it demands more than just catching a good line and creating a poem. You have to see yourself as a siren of the ages, and realize that your poetry will shape the opinions and even the culture of future generations!

Beyond commitment to your subject, you must commit to the challenge of seeing your dream through, come hell and high water. Don't give up. If people don't think your dream is crazy, then you're not dreaming big enough.

Be committed to your work.

Happy selling!

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