Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Power of NOW

100% of success and accomplishment is not found in how perfect you do something. It is not found in an error-free process. Instead, success and accomplishment is solely based on your willingness to act NOW!

Some people are afraid to fail so they put off trying. Well, their theory is correct. They can rest assured that they will never fail anything they dont attempt. Unfortunately,  they will never accomplish anything either.

The Hebrew Proverb states: "In all labor there is profit." If you are concerned about your book failing, focus instead on the profits that will come as a result of your actions.

When I wrote my first book of poetry, I never had an idea that a company would be the profit--not a best-selling book. As a result, I have earned more money and helped more people than my book could have.

So get to work NOW. Don't concern yourself with the outcome. Only concern yourself with fulfilling the vision.

Happy selling!

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day. What "lovely" special are you offering for the occasion?  Holidays are great opportunities to offer your product to a world looking for gifts.

Happy selling!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Try Podcasting!

If you are stuck and trying to find out how to reach a new audience you MUST try podcasting. Podcasting is a powerful form of marketing and platform building.

Many people shrink away from this media out of intimidation.  They feel they dont have a message or that no one will listen to their message, but the fact is there is an audience for every message.

The benefits of podcasting include:

1. It's very inexpensive: I suggest using the podcast server This site offers a FREE limited podcast and has very low reasonable prices to increase your download space. I paid less than $100 for the entire year and I get 100MB of download space per month which is enough space for two 30-minute shows per month. My show (

2. It allows you to reach a global audience with little effort: Podbean and most other providers have their own podcast community.  So you have a ready-made audience when you start. This audience is worldwide. If you study what makes a great podcast, put some energy and creativity into your show, you can capture that audience easily. Podbean also very easily and freely connects to iTunes which is the top site for podcasts. Your accessibility has just blown through the roof!

3. Adds more value to your platform: If nothing else, this media adds more depth to what you offer your audience. Yes you wrote a book but what makes you an authority? This podcast not only helps establish you as an authority but also keeps your ax sharpened because you will have to stay abreast on your topic to have a good show.

4. Adds more convenient access to your target audience: We live busy lives. People can't read while driving to work or while at work. Your podcast allows you to be a regular part of your audiences life without any effort. Now they can jog with you, ride to work with you and work with you just by putting on their ear phones.

A few things you may need:
1. Some recording and audio editing equipment, or access to it.
2. Or you can use a conference line. I suggest
3. A theme song, or permission to use a song.
4. A blog site (this blogger site is a great resource), Twitter and Facebook.

Start your podcast and expand your reach!

Happy selling!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8 Marketing Tips

Let's keep it simple. Are you pondering what your marketing tip is? Here are 8 marketing strategies to consider.

  1. Write articles for magazines or newspapers: This is not for pay. It is purely for exposure. You'll more than likely get a good response by offering your expertise on a given topic for free.
  2. Business Cards: Consider your business cards to be seeds being planted in a garden. Ever card can produce a harvest.
  3. Auto signs: A car door magnet with your book cover and contact information can be very effective. It's your own mobile billboard.
  4. Conduct tele-seminar or online seminar: Again, don't look for money, look for exposure. The money will come.
  5. Pass out fliers in though out the neighborhood: Honestly, the return on this may not be great, but the law of compensation guarantees that once you have done all you can, you will receive a reward for your effort.
  6. Promotional Sales: There is a holiday every month of the year. In fact, almost every day of the year has some kind of significance. Find out when "Left handers day" is and offer a special to all lefties.
  7. Send out complimentary copies: The goal is to send books to people who have the influence to push you to the next level. Focus your mind on finding "connectors" (people with connections).
  8. PUBLIC SPEAKING: Look for or create public speaking opportunities.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Out Run Last Year's You!

I've waited for the first week of 2014 to end before I sent this challenge because I want you to look back to see if you have done what you said you would do in 2014. The new race for success has begun.

Your only competitor is yourself. You have to out-perform the you of 2013. If last year's you had a great idea for a book last year, then this year's you must write the book.

Here are 3 steps to winning this race against you.

1. List last year's accomplishments: This is extremely helpful in discovering where you have to go. Try to list 60 accomplishments from last year. This will be hard, but it will cause you to wring out every inch of ideas and thoughts from your mind. Some examples are "read 5 books", "lost 5 pounds" "sold 100 books" . 

2. Make Plans to Accomplish More: After you have written out your list, make plans to increase those accomplishments for this year and also add new accomplishments. So now you'll need to read 10 books. Figure out how much time that will take, and how many pages per day that will take. Plan to lose 10 pounds. Plan to sell 200 books by doubling what you did to sell 100 books.

3. Get to Work: Do something every day towards these goals. Will Smith the actor/rapper said it this way. "You don't set out to build a perfect wall. Instead you set out to lay one brick as perfectly as a brick has ever been laid. And the more you lay individual perfect bricks, you will eventually have a perfect wall."

Happy New Year, and Happy Selling!