Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Go As Far As You Can See

Last night as I was listening to my motivational audio, I heard an all-too-common phrase. But this time it really struck a chord.

Jim Rohn, the self-development guru, said it so simply: "Go as far as you can see."

Wow! It is such a simple concept but yet the majority of people, including myself don't get it. If you can honestly say that you don't execute, if you have a problem with procrastination, if you have any ideas in your head that you have not made movement on, it is because you are not going as far as you can see.

Maybe you're asking, "what if I don't see anything?" I have to disagree with you. If you have a desire to write a book and you think to yourself "This book is going to be a best seller. I'm going to be on television, radio; I'm going to speak to book clubs...", then you see your vision. But you have to realize that what you see is not going to come to you, you have to go to it.

There are 3 reasons people don't go as far as they can see.

1. Fear: Fear is the ultimate reason. Everything else is a tool of fear to keep you back. Start combatting your fear. Be afraid to fail, but not like normal people who do nothing. Be afraid to fail to the extent that you attack your ideas with a determination to make them succeed, because you're afraid to fail. And remember: Do it afraid!

2. Lack of belief: If you feel doubt about your plan, then you have a lack of belief. When you feel doubt about your plan, you need to STOP.. Reinforce your belief. Take some deep breaths, think about your potential gains, tell yourself that you're going to make it work.

3. Lack of focus: I have realized that I'm not a strong multitasker. I have to set my sights to get one thing done at a time. I have learned that my best focus comes when my back is against the wall. I pull all stops, I cancel all fears; I think of nothing but the goal. Find ways to put your back against the wall. Tell a few people your intended goals and give a date. Invest money into your goal that requires you to get a return on investment. When your back is against the wall, you will FOCUS, and find a way to survive.