Saturday, November 16, 2013

One Yes is worth a Bucket of No's

One of the greatest fears of man is the fear of rejection.  I have clients who are professional speakers able and willing to speak to an auditorium of people, but intimidated by the notion of asking one person to buy a book. 

To overcome this fear we must embrace two new philosophies:

1. "GO FOR NO! No is the new yes.
Change your perspective on the word no. For the next 30 days condition yourself to hear no by asking any and everyone for what you want with a goal to get as many NOs as you can. This is not to reject yes. TAKE THE YES! That's icing on the cake. By going for no, you take the power and sting from it; thereby making you stronger and more resistant to it.

2. One Yes is worth a bucket of NOs. Adrian Davis,  my closest friend and confidant set out to create the Christmas with Crown Davis Charity Event. He planned to provide 20 Families with Christmas gifts and dinner who could not other wise afford it. He used the "Go for No philosophy".

Although he sent out 50 sponsorship requests, he got 10 yeses, and essentially 40 NOs. Yet, of the 10 yeses, he raised $2500 to provide Chrismas food and gifts to OVER 20 under-priviledged families. Let's do the math. Every 1 YES he got was worth 50 NOs.

1 Yes is worth a bucket of NOs

Learn more about the Christmas with CDM event at:

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