Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Quick tip for you authors who are looking for more exposure and more potential sales. Get your book in the library distribution. With the damaged economy, more people are getting books from libraries instead of purchasing them. Getting your book in the library distribution may prove to be a great benefit.

However, there are a few things you need to know about getting your book in the library distribution:

1. Most libraries are looking for local books. So you may not have luck getting your book in libraries around the country initially. Start locally with the plan to build your reputation.

2. Because library books get heavy use, libraries are usually looking for a very sturdy, hard back, glued or sewn book. If you have paperback, I've seen covers heavily laminated to insure they hold up.

3. The best way to bring your book to a libraries attention is through reviews. A positive review in review journals, such as Library Journal, School Library Journal (for children's books), Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, or any others, will give your book an excellent chance of being bought by PCPL (and other public libraries as well). A list of contact information for
these publications is listed below.
  • Booklist
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • Library Journal
  • Publishers Weekly
  • School Library Journal

  • 4. The next best method is  to send a flyer mailed to the Collection Development Office. The Collection Development librarians generally only have a few seconds to look at a flyer, so your best bet is to emphasize the essentials.
    • WHAT the book is about. This should be brief.
    • WHY the book is appropriate for our collection. (attach a copy of your review)
    • WHO the intended audience is for the book.
    • WHO the author is. (include qualifications and be sure to mention that you are a local author or publisher.)
    • WHEN and WHERE the book was published. provide complete bibliographic data, including date of publication, price (including discount if multiple copies are purchased), ISBN (very important), edition statement, type of binding. If the book is self published. Give some indication of its physical appearance, including how it is bound.
    • HOW the library can purchase your book.

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