Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be An Authority

"What gives you the right?" This is the question people are thinking when you decide to become an AUTHORity on a subject. As I have always said, "people buy you, not the book."

I say all of this to emphasize the importance of you becoming a recognized authority of your topic. A few tips to help you start establishing your authority:

1. Blogging:
It surprises me how many people know they need to do this, know how free and easy it is, and still don't do it. Becoming a daily source of FREE information establishes your claim that you know of what you speak. I emphasize free, because if you are charging for everything, then people see that you are just looking for their money, and that you don't have a true passion for the topic.

2. Speaking:
Hosting or presenting at workshop, meet up groups and seminars is invaluable to your career. In particular, teleseminars. Most writers are timid when it comes to public speaking. Teleseminars would be a great way to engage an audience and develop your speaking persona. Also, if you don't have a platform yet, this would save you the money and time. I have written more about creating your teleseminar in "The Author's Success Manual" including the best programs to use.

3. Newsletters:
Create a monthly newsletter on your topic or platform. Along with branding yourself as an authority, this will also help you build a database of contacts which will serve you very well in building your audience.

Happy Selling!

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