Monday, November 4, 2013


There is one characteristic you are going to have to develop if you're going to succeed in any endeavor, but particularly as an author: confidence.
Being an author puts you in a vulnerable position. You are delivering your hearts convictions, your most grand ideas and creativity to a world of skeptics. You have to be confident in the unique gifts and insights that you have been given, knowing that there is someone out there who needs and appreciates your message.

To develop your confidence I suggest:

1. Study more: Speaking for myself, I lack confidence when I don't feel like I know all I should know. I noticed a large leap in my confidence concerning publishing as I began to study the industry and read more and more books that reinforced the information I was telling my clients. So study all you can about your topic. The more you know, the more confident you will be.

2. Hang around like minded people: Yesterday, I hosted the 3rd meet up group and one attendee seemed very nervous. We later talked and he explained he thought everyone would tell him his idea was foolish. I encouraged him to keep coming back because the group would be a nurturing ground and the more he got good feed back from likeminded people, the more confident he would become. People who see what you see, push you to move with confidence.

3. Talk to yourself: I say this literally. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how great your book is, who your book is going to help, why your book is helpful. Tell yourself that you are the best person to tell your message. Do it frequently, with passion and excitement. Just try it. I guarantee you'll see a big difference in your confidence

Happy selling

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