Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Make Money as an Author

If there was one thing I want to get into the minds of aspiring authors it is this: Most likely, you are not going to get rich from selling books. Your book is your platform, not your income maker. Book producing was the platform that I developed from my book. What door does your book open for you that pays more money in less time?
Platforms are built on 5 Pillars:
1. Books: People want to read your knowledge. The written word can be retained forever. Unlike verbal, where people only remember 10% of what they hear, your audience can always go back and re-read your words of instruction, inspiration, and knowledge. However, once people read your words, they then want to hear them.

2.  Audio: Tele-seminars and CDs are very lucrative platform builders. People want to hear the inspiration behind your words. By hosting tele-seminars, you can engage a massive audience from the comfort of your home. Successful speakers generate more income from audio products. Whereas no one would spend $100 for a book, they will spend $100 on a 7-disc audio set. I know from whence I speak.

3. Video: After your audience reads and hears you, they'll want to see you. People want to look into the eyes of the person they have come to admire. They want to see your humaness, see your personality. Videos allow you to provide this connection. Youtube videos, Social media clips live Vine, Socialcam, Instagram, all provide a platform for you to connect with your audience and build a relationship.

4. Public Speaking: Your audience not only wants to read, hear, and see you, they want to witness you. Motivational speaker, Les Brown told how he made $400,000 for a 1 hour speech... How many books would you have to sell to reach that pay check and how long would it take you?

5. Personal Coaching: Lastly, once people have read you, heard you, seen you, and witnessed you, they want to be coached by you...Most coaches charge $135- $150 per hour to coach. I once read the book of a Professional Coach who said he was in such demand that he began charging what he thought was an astronomical price of $5,000 an hour to get people to leave him alone. To his surprise, people paid without the blink of an eye.

Your book is NOT the money maker. It's your platform to greater opportunities.

(excerpted from the Author's Success Manual copyright (c) 2013 by Timothy O. Bond)

Happy Selling!

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