Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Power of NOW

100% of success and accomplishment is not found in how perfect you do something. It is not found in an error-free process. Instead, success and accomplishment is solely based on your willingness to act NOW!

Some people are afraid to fail so they put off trying. Well, their theory is correct. They can rest assured that they will never fail anything they dont attempt. Unfortunately,  they will never accomplish anything either.

The Hebrew Proverb states: "In all labor there is profit." If you are concerned about your book failing, focus instead on the profits that will come as a result of your actions.

When I wrote my first book of poetry, I never had an idea that a company would be the profit--not a best-selling book. As a result, I have earned more money and helped more people than my book could have.

So get to work NOW. Don't concern yourself with the outcome. Only concern yourself with fulfilling the vision.

Happy selling!

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