Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8 Marketing Tips

Let's keep it simple. Are you pondering what your marketing tip is? Here are 8 marketing strategies to consider.

  1. Write articles for magazines or newspapers: This is not for pay. It is purely for exposure. You'll more than likely get a good response by offering your expertise on a given topic for free.
  2. Business Cards: Consider your business cards to be seeds being planted in a garden. Ever card can produce a harvest.
  3. Auto signs: A car door magnet with your book cover and contact information can be very effective. It's your own mobile billboard.
  4. Conduct tele-seminar or online seminar: Again, don't look for money, look for exposure. The money will come.
  5. Pass out fliers in though out the neighborhood: Honestly, the return on this may not be great, but the law of compensation guarantees that once you have done all you can, you will receive a reward for your effort.
  6. Promotional Sales: There is a holiday every month of the year. In fact, almost every day of the year has some kind of significance. Find out when "Left handers day" is and offer a special to all lefties.
  7. Send out complimentary copies: The goal is to send books to people who have the influence to push you to the next level. Focus your mind on finding "connectors" (people with connections).
  8. PUBLIC SPEAKING: Look for or create public speaking opportunities.

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