Friday, August 30, 2013

Writing a Book is NOT the Goal ??

I have a secret to tell you... Come closer.... shhhhhh.... Your book is NOT the money maker.

Your book is merely the introduction-- or in more ideal circumstances-- an accessory to your real money maker which is your "platform." 

Your platform is your message or service that elevates you above the norm. The person who writes a book about their experience as an abused child misses the point if they stop at the book writing phase. The book is the introduction of the writer -- but introduces the writer as what? It should be to introduce the writer as an authority on the problems of and solutions to child abuse. Once introduced, that writer should seek speaking engagements, regular guest appearances on talk shows and radio shows, regular contributing writing jobs for newspapers.

Some seek those options as marketing tools, but they are not. Once you introduce yourself to the world as an author, then you have opened the door. NOW, you find your place in this new world of AUTHORities.

Your book is a key to a bigger door that leads to your platform. You can sell one book for $10. Or you can use that book to get speaking engagements that pay $15,000 for 1 hour of talking and sharing your expertise.

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Happy Selling!

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