Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Looking to sell more books? Have you ever considered giving some away? Although it seems counter productive, giving free copies of your book to the RIGHT people is often the best thing you can do.
Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the  Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and Guinness Book of Records holder for having 7 books simultaneously on the NYT Bestseller List discusses the steps he took to become a New York Times Bestseller in his book the Success Principles (Highly Recommended! !).
One of the game changing strategies was to get a list of celebrities and send out free copies. As a result, you may remember  a reference to Chicken Soup for the Soul in an episode of Friends, one of the most popular shows in modern history. 
Can you imagine having your book referred to in a positive way on Scandle?!! How massive do you think the response would be? Find out who the door openers are who may find value in your book and give them a copy.
Now you all know I like to keep balance. Let it be known that Jack gave out free books on a regular basis for 2 years before the floodgates opened. So that means money, persistence,  and overcoming doubt. But if you keep pushing,  you will reach the goal.
Happy selling!

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