Thursday, June 1, 2017

You Can Make Money Daily!

If you have written a book, then you should be making money everyday.

This may seem impossible, but it isn't. "Making money" does not mean making thousands of dollars everyday. Sometimes you may only make $3.00.  What you do with that $3 is what makes the difference between the ultra successful and those still saying "I need some money."

Three tips on making daily money.

1. Start paying attention:
There are soooo many opportunities to make money with your books. Pay attention to the sources, resources, and opportunities. If  you sell an ebook, take the time to research who bought the book and why? Who else out there is like the person who just bought your book. Pay attention when you sell a book and you will begin to see your opportunities to make money, daily.

2. Don't take the small days for granted: When you learn to save and reinvest the $3.00 or even $0.60, you'll start earning more. Consider the small days to be drips of water in a bucket. Leave the bucket there. Don't touch it. Just let the drips continue to accumulate and look for more ways to turn the drip into a steady flow.

3. Maximize every moment: When you start paying attention, you will begin to see opportunities all around. If you work with other people and you have not told every person in the office about your book, then you are missing out on opportunities. Opportunities are not going to force themselves upon you. You have to step out of your comfort zone and make them happen.

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