Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't Ask for Support

Never ask anyone to support you and buy your product. Support me no longer holds the weighty "guilt" factor anymore. Everyone is hurting or has some need so there are several reason why the "support me" campaign won't work.

Reason 1: People don't care about what benefits you. They only care about what benefits them. This is not pessimism,  I promise. This is marketing 101. 

Reason 2: Because people only care about what benefits them, they resent you asking them to support your benefits when they believe they have their own issues that need supporting. Thus you become a source of irritation.

Reason 3: People hate to be sold. This innate disdain immediately closes a mental door to cooperation with your campaign.

So. What do you do? Always, ALways, ALWAYS offer to your audience what your audience wants. Talk about what they want and offer them a piece of what you have that will meet their needs. If they like that chip, they'll buy the whole bag.

Happy selling!

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